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Saxon Math, a Homeschooler’s Guide

I have extensive experience with Saxon Math as well as being mathematics individual; I’ve come to the conclusion that Saxon is the best math program for early math.  I consider early math to be pre-geometry or algebra.  Saxon provides a strong foundation and as the child gets older, they may be able to do their own math lesson.  Saxon does lose appeal with the higher mathematics such as algebra, geometry and so on.

The math program reinforces concepts the the youth learned from previous lessons by re-introducing the concept in the lesson problems section.  This method is a great foundation builder and helps to reinforce what is learned.

I do recommend the youth answer all of the math problems and not only a few.  Repetition enforces what you learn.  The youth should be able to complete all of the math problems in under an hour.  Actually, I believe thirty minutes should do it.  Follow through with the lesson problems and practice problems.  These are vital for a youth’s education.  By building a strong base, they become strong within themselves.

Mathematics is a subject that must begin early.  Yes, there are ideas out there that do not enforce an early learning of math.  This is a mistake especially if the youth would like to enter science fields.  I encourage all parents to begin the math early and to complete the book.  You would not build a house on an incomplete foundation.  Why construct an incomplete foundation for your child.

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