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First Day Of School

It has been a while since I last posted.  A busy summer will do that to ya’.  Not a good excuse, but an excuse.  There were plenty of topics to talk about:  NCAA wrongful act on PSU, summer activities, vacation, and other such plenties.

Today is the first day of school for my “trappers”.  Fortunately for the educator, some of their course work is independent as in taught by an outside source.  In this case, it is a university and an online writing course.  These do not begin until later in the month.

The oldest is taking a english course at a university.  Taking this course will not only help with getting an english credit for homeschool but also a future credit at the university.  The big bonus is the experience of the university setting.  I know when I started at the university at age 18, I was a bit overwhelmed.  This should help the youth acclimate when the real college life begins.  It is a slow start, one class, but it will increase.  The biggest excitement was the student card!

We await the second youth’s course to begin.  There is not much to discuss until then.

Their math work does begin today.  Good-bye Saxon math; you were a nice curriculum.  With the youngest taking on algebra, Saxon falls away.  I do recommend Saxon math until algebra.  Make sure your youth does “all” of the problems.  The oldest is sitting on pre-calc.  We know what comes next.

Every beginning school year there is excitement.  Morale is high and Dad comes home to a mostly happy household.  This will quickly deteriate as reality sets in.  The best part is the fact the courses do not all begin at the same time.  Don’t buy the talk of the happy student doing “all” of the course work.  If Mom/Dad do not watch, shortcuts take place.

One ideal class is a 36 lecture course on nutrition.  Nutrition Made Clear by Roberta Anding has made it to our house this year and we’ve watched the first lecture.  So far, one lecture, it is interesting.  I look forward to posting about this course.

This should be an interesting year in the household.  Will the oldest finally understand the parental push for the future?  Is the youngest going to continue to exceed expectations?  Will the main educator burn out before December?  Is Dad going live at work?

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