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First Day of School Results

Educator is sick.  Youth 1 wants to work ahead of schedule (don’t think it is for educational desires) and youth 2 is trying to race ahead in math.  We have Teaching Textbook Pre-Calculus and Teaching Textbook Algebra 1.  Dad is coming home to the unexpected.

Well, the educator is grumpy.  Youth 1 considers this as true for the educator is tired of youth 1 pestering to have the math reviewed.  Youth 1 is alway confused on function notation.  Youth 2 thinks the educator is fine and has no problems.  This Youth 2 races to do the second lesson before soccer practice.

It’s not as bad as it could be.  The two parents review the Pre-calc lesson.  One understands, math major, and the other is not.  It takes a short while to explain the obvious to Youth 1.  Problem solved… or is it?  We shall see in the near future.

All other subjects scheduled for the day seem to have no problems.  They consist of reading and grammar or that is all Dad can get out of youths.

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