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Homeschool Music Outside The Home

I have enjoyed Leon Redbone since the mid 80’s when I first experienced his music.  For the past seven years or so, I go to one of his concerts to not only enjoy the music but his live entertainment.  The interaction with fans and the various instruments he has with him (I’m referring to musicians such as Paul Asaro) makes the concert an enjoyable and memorable one.

I introduced Leon to Youth 1 some years ago.  He took a liking to my cassette, On The Track.  My thoughts were, why not take Youth 1 to a concert.  Heck, throw in Youth 2 and the Educator.  Sounded like a great idea at the time.  Everyone will love Leon Redbone, just like me!!!!

Okay, you may be guessing that the youths were not as into it as I was, and the Educator doesn’t like that style of music.  You just can’t get some people to appreciate quality.  I blame it on the comedian if you can call him that.  This guy did less to warm up the crowd and had me covering Youth 2’s ears and sacrificing Youth 1’s from the non-funny crude jokes.  Believe me  Leon Redbone is family entertainment.  Put the mistake on the theatre.  I am digressing here, sorry.

Even though Leon Redbone wasn’t their cup of tea, they experienced life that most families will never experience.  It was an outdoor theatre with a rag time and jazz style music.  No, they had no idea who Paul Asaro is but that didn’t matter.  I exposed them to music other than the modern pop stuff and a concert experience where the people were respectful.  This was a new experience for them and there was an appreciation displayed by the Youths even though they may not realize it.  Since then, they have experienced the symphony to their delight. Dagilėlis was their favorite!  This is a boys choir from Lithuania.

I believe homeschool parents should not only encourage the learning of a musical instrument but also the experience of a variety of music through concerts.  Not a lot of money needs to be spent.  There are plenty of free concerts around.  The Dagilėlis concert was free.  We went to a church center to hear their wonderful sound.  This style of education provides not only an appreciation of music but also the love of music.

Go forth and enjoy the music!

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