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U.S.S. Education, A Sinking Ship With Plenty Of Bailing Thimbles

There is a new educational system that is being planned for 2014 in the US.  Without much research, I’ve gathered that a lot of money will be spent training teachers and standardizing curriculum.  Another failing attempt at correcting a problem of which no one knows the source or do we know and wish not to take the difficult steps needed to correct the problem?  Sort of like our country’s debt.

The United States spends $809.6 billion on education while the rest of the world spends nowhere near that amount.  This amount averages to $7,743 per student.  The closest country is the U.K. with $5,834.  There are additional countries that are only a few bucks off of the U.K.  The bottom line is the U.S. spends a lot of money on its students with  the results being near the bottom of the 12 countries whose data I have.

There have been many proposed solutions to America’s education problem with money being the number one proposal.  If a ship is sinking, I am not going to throw in more buckets for bailing.  I’ll either repair the hole or accept the ship is no longer seaworthy and get another.  With education, our society does not look at correcting the problem or conceiving a new form of education.  Instead we continue to pump money into a dysfunctional institution.

Longer school hours and more school days has been around too.  The school year has been lengthened since the days I attend school.  Longer school hours are being thrown around now.  Funny how other countries with longer school hours are cited but never the side effects.  I recall in the early 90’s of how we should emulate Japan’s educational system.  The article or whatever it was also mentioned the suicide issue and other problems of stress among the students.

Some schools have eliminated physical education.  Removing recess and phys. ed. has done nothing.  No different than Mayor Bloomberg’s idea of limited the size of soft drinks.  If we use the sinking ship analogy, Captain Bloomberg is giving us thimbles to bail the water.

A popular educational area to tweak is teacher education.  How many times does a teacher have to go back to school?  Seriously, what has drastically changed that requires a math teacher, english teacher or any other teacher have to go back to school?  Basic mathematics has not changed nor have the methods of solving the problems.  The english language indeed changes but at a gradual rate thus not requiring the re-education of a teacher.  Now we have a mini-economy based on this re-education.

Curriculum changes have been the recent popular modification.  Generally, this comes from some person at a university level who says their way is better.  Homeschoolers are familiar with different methods of education.  The problem with these new ways is sometimes they are not new.  Look at the new math.  I’m not referring the new math of the 60’s.  This is the mathematics of the late 90’s into 2000’s.  It didn’t work.

What do I see as the problem with the educational system?  I believe the problem is a mix of small problems that have been compounded with the band-aid effect.  There are many places to lay blame in the American educational system.  Below, only a few are named, but there are plenty of other areas to look at.  I also place blame on unions.  Education is no place for unions.

I’ll start with unions.  The Chicago teachers strike is a perfect example.  Who is being served with this strike?  Only those who make money.  These teachers are not going to teach better with the new contract.  That city will still retain horrible teachers.  The students have suffered from the strike.   Strikes in education should be against the law.

There have always been bad teachers.  I have had my share of them.  I had a chemistry teacher that never taught the subject.  We took walks outside.  After half a year, he was finally removed.  I lost half of a year.  I had a physics teacher that should have retired years ago.   The reality is only the dedicated and idiots go into teaching.  The flunkies I went to school with now teach.  They had to cheat in high school!  The dedicated tend to be those that had parents as educators or are truly interested in teaching.  These people are the minority.  I have forgotten those pushed into teaching by society.  These are generally females.  Some are dedicated and some do not want to be there.  I see females ignore the sciences and select education as if that is their only choice.  In my high school days, females were thought of as teachers.  Sad is it not.  I still see this today even among homeschooled females.

Textbooks are the biggest farce!  No wonder why Americans do not know any history or geography.  Our textbooks are full of lies.  My history knowledge surpassed any of my history teachers from middle school on.  I give thanks to books, television and family.  I did have a good civics teacher; he cared.  You can not learn about a subject in two pages especially when it is slanted.  Another problem which is in the elementary area are the silly worksheets used in english classes.  They work if you have additional modes of teaching but are bad when used as the primary method of education.

Parents are the core foundation for education.  We tell the children that education is important.  If the parent doesn’t care, nor does the child.  I know quite a few teachers and have a few as friends.  They are consistent with their observations and experiences with youth.  All agree parents are the most important.  This is not a new issue, so what is going on here?  I have noticed that when the working mom became more common our education got worse.  Is there are correlation?

When you lack monetary resources you are prudent with your money; you only buy what is necessary.  This is called being fiscally responsible.  If there is plenty of money around you spend freely, buying indiscriminately.  Think about buying a car.  If you are limited on funds you purchase for use only.  If you have plenty of cash then the car ends up with every feature.  Do you need the moonroof?  No, but since I have the money for it.  This is our educational system.  We spend, spend and spend getting no results.

Throw all of these together and you have a huge mess.  There is no understanding, no coordination, no guidance and no responsibility.  I have not covered other problems of education.  Only the surface has been scratched.  This is a topic that is large but fixable, if we choose to correct it.

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