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Can Someone Tell Me What ‘Women’s Health’ Is?

October 31, 2012 2 comments

Tonight I listened to a politician desperately trying to get elected or re-elected.  He was attempting to get the female vote by discussing ‘women’s health’ only that is related to abortion.  He was pro-abortion and was saying that allowing women the right to an abortion was women’s health.  He isn’t the only one to say this.  There are hundreds if not thousands of politicians that believe that.  There are plenty of women that have complained to me that one party doesn’t care about women’s health.  How can we not be for the health of a woman?

I have always thought women’s health dealt with the medical condition of women.  There has always been a gender gap when it comes to the health of men and women.  I am talking about the medical care.  When I read about a woman’s healthcare in the U.S., it is always worse than a man’s.  I have read that women have higher costs than men when it comes to healthcare, and they have less coverage than men.  I have read how women are treated differently than men for heart ailments, lung issues and other similar health issues between the two.  Women have more difficulty than men in accessing care thus resulting in poorer quality of life.

Reading about the inequality in the quality of care for women makes me a big proponent of women’s health.  I am related to and know many women.  These women are important to me, and their loss would be not only devastating to me but to others around them.  No where have I read that abortion is vital to the health of a woman.  I have read and seen where it is detrimental to a human.  I don’t understand why these politicians are voted into office time and again when they do not care about the true health of a woman.  They are interested in the vote first, and if it allows the death of a human then so be it.

Do I not understand what ‘women’s health’ means?  If so, please be kind enough to provide me the definition.



Hurricane Sandy Finally Passes By

October 31, 2012 Leave a comment

It wasn’t long after my last post that the power went out.  Some time later the phone lines died.  We were prepared for some old fashioned living.  There was water, food, currently at the time shelter and a source of heat.  We were blind too.  No information about the storm could get through.  The radio I had wasn’t working for me.  I should’ve had Youth 1 get it working, for it was his anyway.

Schooling continued through Monday evening with flashlights.  Huck Finn was being read and some math was completed.  Pauses were common as we listened to the gusts of wind whip the trees.  The interesting part of this period were the trees.  The oaks bent back and forth as did the birch and maples.  The Tulip Poplars didn’t budge.  They were standing tall.  A few hours later the poplars began to bend.  The winds whipped from the NW and the trees bent ever so dangerously towards our shelter.  It was agreed that we would set up for the night downstairs in one section of the room.  This would provide some protection in the case a tree falls on the house.  The rain was steady as it had been through out the day.  I couldn’t understand the 2.50″ of rain.  There was no flooding and the weather stations I monitored at the time had at most .78″.  Makes me wonder about local news and the Weather Channel.  Monday ended with the wind tossing the trees back and forth as if it were playing tennis.  ( I was going to say pong in reference to the original game, but who would remember that?)

Tuesday began with a weird experience.  It was an experience that I believe those that have experienced hurricanes have felt and seen.  The winds stopped.  It was eerily silent and still outside.  I even went outside to view this firsthand.  I don’t think Youth 1 and Youth 2 enjoyed my waking them.  What was strange was my being able to hear the winds growl somewhere in the distance while nothing moved at our place.  The trees had survived so far, and we went to sleep.

The morning reminded me of the spring during my youth where there was rain and it was cool.  It seemed to be like this at our hunting camp when we went fishing.  I surveyed the grounds and the neighbors too.  No damage and that is successful.  The Educator believes the prayers helped.  Now much to the chagrin of Youth1 and Youth 2 school began.  Oh, to be homeschooled.  Being a homeschooler is like the postal service, “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these homeschoolers from completion of their schoolwork.”  Granted, it became an all day affair.

For meals I fired up the coleman stoves and had tea, hot chocolate and soup.  We ate cereal in an attempt to be rid of the milk.  A nice fire was lit for some warmth and atmosphere.  What more could you ask for… other than running water, hot water that didn’t need to be boiled and so on.  If you do any camping, well this was camping.

There is nothing more enjoyable than sitting bya roaring fire as books are read by candle light flashlight and games such as hangman are played on the whiteboard.  Upon getting the phones back, a friend of Youth 2 was even playing.  This person was from another state, too.  What a peaceful moment to just sit back an enjoy life without the electronic induced world.  No longer were we global.  We were local and it felt like the 1800’s except for the generators running the few homes in the area.  Talk about ruining the moment!  Finally, electricity after we went to bed.  I could take a hot shower and actually go to work smelling like the 21st century instead of the 19th.

Even though this hurricane was a big event and affected us, it was rather mundane.  As a family, we are experienced with the outdoors so panic was never there for us.  The biggest worry was losing the house and for that it was providence.  We could have gone several more days without electricity.  No one wanted to do it, but it could have been done.

Hurricane Sandy and Homeschool Update

October 29, 2012 Leave a comment

The rain continues and the wind has picked up.  Homeschooling continues.  All electricity related education has been complete for the day.  Now there is much reading and math problems to be done.  Maybe tomorrow’s work should be started.  We’ll tackle that tomorrow.

This is an educational experience for Youth 1 and Youth 2.  When we are on break or after schooling, the Weather Channel will be watched.  There are moments for us to discuss the weather and how man’s actions (NOT this global warming thing) affects the environment.  Floods are often caused by man’s lack of foresight.  This time I think Mother Nature will be a big reason for flooding.

It is really beautiful to watch this storm.  What a mathematical creation and a deadly one at that.  The streams are filling up, and branches are falling.  Our castle stays intact with prayers and the lack of trees falling on the house.  Our outdoor experience has prepared us for the loss of electricity.  We can cook with our propane stove.  We can sleep by a fire in sleeping bags.

The wind has picked up since noon.  Winds are gusting at 26 mph, which concerns me.  There apparently are some gusts at 55 mph.  Over a .5″ of rain has fallen and the streams are holding their own for the moment.  They will overflow later tonight.  Clouds are 1500 to 6500 ft.  This is a positive indication that there will be no tornados during this weather event.  Whoa, just had a 44 mph wind gust, and this is out of the NW.

We are in for a fun ride.


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Hurricane Sandy doesn’t affect Homeschool

October 29, 2012 Leave a comment

Hurricane Sandy is pouring the dihydrogen monoxide all around the family and me.  There is strong expectation of flooding and downed trees.  It is expected to continue for the next few days.  What does this mean?  Well, schools are closed for Monday and likely Tuesday.

Does this mean Youth 1 and Youth 2 have one or two free days?  I think not and they know so.  The beauty of homeschooling!  Unless the power goes, their schoolwork is not impeded.  Lose power and their math as well as writing will be delayed.  Everything else continues.  This is the one advantage we homeschoolers have over public and private institutions.  As I listen to the rain pound the roof, Youth 1 and Youth 2 are pouring over their schoolwork.

Losing power will not affect the schooling.  Downed tree won’t either… unless they hit my house.  That is another problem and schooling is no longer the most important issue.  As the weather batters us, we will continue on.

Hiking With A Goal

October 23, 2012 Leave a comment

It has been a while since I last hiked.  Soccer season is about done, and now is the time to get out.  There were a few trails on my list to hit but changes have been made.  My goal is to take the family and a day and look for iron ore.  Iron ore you say, different story I state.  A little research and some hiking off trail.  Pack a nice lunch and liquid.  Have a fun hike into the bush. 

If we are lucky we may find some milkweed.  Milkweed is an excellent item for starting fire.  Inside the pod where the seeds are stored is a paper-like material.  It will take a spark.  I have used this to start fires.  On a side note, milkweed contains 1 to 2% latex.  Thanks to Youth 1 for that last tidbit.

Another item we will look for is tinder fungus.  I doubt if we will discover true tinder fungus.  False tinder fungus is the more likely find.  Tinder fungus can hold a coal for  a long time.  You can transport the coals if you have tinder fungus.  True tinder fungus can be ignited in a fire piston.  Before using tinder fungus, it is best to allow it to dry.

If the day goes right four objectives could be met.  We will find iron, milkweed, tinder fungus and have a nice day in the bush.

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Cheaters Never Win

October 23, 2012 Leave a comment

In highschool, I was taking a chemistry course.  The class was challenging but fun in many ways.  The exams were always multiple choice and about 50 questions.  One test I had a stupid female sitting to my left.  Yes, she was stupid.  Academics were the last item on her bucket list.  In fact I think it was not in the bucket.  In fact, the bucket was probably empty, anyway.  During exams she kept trying to get me to help her cheat.  This annoyed me for this person would benefit from my work.  I corrected her cheating ways one exam.  I allowed my academically challenged female to cheat off of me.  I even angled my paper in order for her to see more clearly my answers.  My kindness in allowing her to copy my answers had no limit.  We completed the exam in five minutes.  My little cheater took her paper to the teacher and sat back down.  I erased all of my answers and re-took the test.  Surprisingly, if I only randomly checked the answers on a multiple choice test in which there are five choices, I get the answer correct 50% of the time.  Funny how she thought I was not that smart afterwards even though I received an A in the class while she had a D or curved up to a C.

Last night Youth 1 was having a science quiz in a co-op class.  Youth 1 has spent much time working at home and learning for the class.  Sadly, there was a fellow homeschooler that asked to copy the answers from Youth 1.  Youth 1 refused to help, and a second homeschooler hissed his displeasure at my child’s honesty.  I guess this second youth was hoping to benefit by copying from the first youth.  Youth 1 would later comment, “I worked for it, and I didn’t think I should give it away.” 

This leads me to wonder how homeschooling is working in these two families if their children are trying to cheat.  They are not the only homeschooling youths to cheat.  Could homeschooling be a poor choice for some families?

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Halloween and Costumes

October 20, 2012 Leave a comment

As we near Halloween or All Hallow’s Eve, I am being teased by a co-worker for my costume design work for Youth 1 and Youth 2.  I must take this good natured ribbing, for I am well known for pranks and teasing myself.  She states I should be a fashion designer.  Unfortunately, her ability to see talent is near-sighted.  I may have good ideas but not great skills.  It is only during Halloween that my mysterious skills come out and happily go into hiding afterwards.  Admittedly, designing and making the costumes are fun for me.

Halloween is a Celtic festival of Samhain.  Yes, it is pagan if you want to call it.  The Celts believed the ghosts of the dead were able to mingle with the living during Samhain.  This  celebration was done to help the dead on their journey and to keep the dead away.  Samhain was altered when Pope Gregory III designated November 1 as All Saint’s Day in the 8th century.  Christians would honor saints and martyrs on this day.  Some of Samhain traditions were kept.  This process of making Samhain a Christian holiday was done to help convert the pagans to Christianity.  This method was a very effective way of  converting people to Christianity.  The old ways never went away but Christianity took hold, and we can say that the Samhain tradition became less relevant while Christianity grew.  Over time this holiday grew more secular.  My personal opinion is the break up of the Roman Catholic Church allowed secularism to creep into this holiday as well as other religious holidays.  Now Halloween is considered a community-based event for children and adults.  We use old Celtic traditions to celebrate this holiday.  To me we are celebrating the horror genre of  Hollywood more than a pagan festival or Christian holiday.  The true meaning of this celebration is mostly forgotten and holds little value or control over us.  Even the Christian holiday is not well celebrate among many Christians.

Right  now I have completed Youth 1’s costume.  The mask, though simple, took a few days to create.  If you have read any previous posts, you may be able to guess the character.  Youth 2 is strictly from a horror movie that is supposed to be a comedy horror film.  Curse the relative that exposed Youth 2 to these movies.  I can watch Hocus Pocus but Trick’r Treat is not on my favorites list.  The other horror films are right out for me.  I’d rather watch Touched by an Angel.  The mask of Youth 2 took the longest to create.  Burlap is not the best item to use for a mask and Velcro is a big plus.

Some day Youth 1 and Youth 2 will be out of the nest.  My job of costume making will be at an end.  This talent of mine will be forgotten like the Celtic festival.