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To End Homeschooling?

Driving home from soccer last night I noticed Youth 2 was very quiet.  The mood in the car was not cheery in any way.  My attempts to converse with my number two child fell with silence.  I was confused.  Youth 2 has a nice practice.  The coach never yelled at my child.  My young child outplayed his teammates with the one on one battles.  For several minutes, I pounded Youth 2 with questions of what was wrong.  Finally, a sad response came.  “I am not accepted.”

To understand Youth 2, you need to know a little about this kid.  One, my child is lucky to be alive.  Youth 2 came close to death as a toddler.  Youth 2 is very sensitive and kind.  This is a child that puts money in the poor box without prompting.  If you meet my child, you would instantly like Youth 2.  Youth 2 has a winning personality with a devilish smile.  This child is said to be good looking; as the parent of the child, I must agree.  It’s the law.  The wit exceeds all and brings the Educator and me to laughter as well as anyone that meets this youth.  My child is exceedingly bright.  Educationally, Youth 2 is several years ahead of schedule and is a whiz at math.  Personally, I considered this child to be above average only because there are parents dedicated to this child.  Athletically, my child has earned everything and is considered the best at whatever sport is played at the time.  All of this matters not when a child is saddened and depressed.  Youth 2 is a social type person and is starving.

The Educator and I have known for a while that Youth 2 has been unhappy.  We have tried every idea we can think of to bring our child into the world of other youths of the same age.  Sports have been the biggest introduction.  The downside is my child is playing in a soccer league a few years old than my child’s age.  These older children do not see Youth 2 on the same level.  My child though accepted isn’t part of the peer group.  Scouts has been another method of inserting our child into a same age group.  A church youth group is next.  When we find children of the same age there is a maturity difference.  It is not big for our child is immature too, but Youth2 is more educated and now thinks on a different level.  Hence, Youth 2 is not as interested in these children.  Youth 2 gravitates towards older children even though our child isn’t mature enough for them.

We have discussed ending homeschool for our beautiful child the past two years.  The problem with this idea is twofold.  We prefer a private school.  This school will provide the level of education we desire and Youth 2 requires.  It is very expensive.  The public school lacks the high level of education and is one of the reasons why we homeschool.  Sending my child a school will introduce some of what we have eliminated by homeschooling.  In a few years, Youth 1 will go away to college.  It is likely we will send Youth 2 to school unless there is some social upheaval in my child’s life.

Finding a solution for Youth 2 has been difficult.  Even if you have all of the answers, there are always additional answers that elude you.  Am I not seeing a solution in front of my face?  Are we not trying hard enough?  How can I solve my child’s problem?  What am I missing?

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