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The Phantom of the Opera

Teaching a child does not always require a school book or the reciting of some educational curriculum.  Nor does it necessarily involve playing a musical instrument or sporting instrument.  Sometimes teaching a child is exposing them to your tastes.

In 1986 The Phantom of  the Opera debuted.  A few years later a good friend of mine went to see it on Broadway; lucky lady.  I was forced to do the next best thing.  The cd set had Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman as the lead.  I would listen to it for hours until I became sick of the music and went back to Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top and Mozart.

As we prepared for Halloween or All Hallows’ Eve, I was reminded of this music tucked away in my cd collection that numbers over 200.  I dashed off to the basement to locate the music.  Youth 1 and Youth 2 were not aware of the book, movie and musical concerning the phantom.  I popped it in and enjoyed the beauty of the musical.  Last night as Youth 1 and Youth 2 travelled with me, we listened to the musical, Phantom of the Opera, in the car.  Without the Educator, we jacked up the volume and enjoyed the ride.  I found it wonderful that Youth 2 would asks questions about what was going on.  I am sure to hear this music for a while longer.

I make every effort to allow Youth 1 and Youth 2 to experience a variety of music.  Not all of the music is their taste, but The Phantom of the Opera has struck a chord with them.  These two are now aware of a different form of entertainment out there.  Maybe we will plan a trip to Broadway.

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