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Halloween and Costumes

As we near Halloween or All Hallow’s Eve, I am being teased by a co-worker for my costume design work for Youth 1 and Youth 2.  I must take this good natured ribbing, for I am well known for pranks and teasing myself.  She states I should be a fashion designer.  Unfortunately, her ability to see talent is near-sighted.  I may have good ideas but not great skills.  It is only during Halloween that my mysterious skills come out and happily go into hiding afterwards.  Admittedly, designing and making the costumes are fun for me.

Halloween is a Celtic festival of Samhain.  Yes, it is pagan if you want to call it.  The Celts believed the ghosts of the dead were able to mingle with the living during Samhain.  This  celebration was done to help the dead on their journey and to keep the dead away.  Samhain was altered when Pope Gregory III designated November 1 as All Saint’s Day in the 8th century.  Christians would honor saints and martyrs on this day.  Some of Samhain traditions were kept.  This process of making Samhain a Christian holiday was done to help convert the pagans to Christianity.  This method was a very effective way of  converting people to Christianity.  The old ways never went away but Christianity took hold, and we can say that the Samhain tradition became less relevant while Christianity grew.  Over time this holiday grew more secular.  My personal opinion is the break up of the Roman Catholic Church allowed secularism to creep into this holiday as well as other religious holidays.  Now Halloween is considered a community-based event for children and adults.  We use old Celtic traditions to celebrate this holiday.  To me we are celebrating the horror genre of  Hollywood more than a pagan festival or Christian holiday.  The true meaning of this celebration is mostly forgotten and holds little value or control over us.  Even the Christian holiday is not well celebrate among many Christians.

Right  now I have completed Youth 1’s costume.  The mask, though simple, took a few days to create.  If you have read any previous posts, you may be able to guess the character.  Youth 2 is strictly from a horror movie that is supposed to be a comedy horror film.  Curse the relative that exposed Youth 2 to these movies.  I can watch Hocus Pocus but Trick’r Treat is not on my favorites list.  The other horror films are right out for me.  I’d rather watch Touched by an Angel.  The mask of Youth 2 took the longest to create.  Burlap is not the best item to use for a mask and Velcro is a big plus.

Some day Youth 1 and Youth 2 will be out of the nest.  My job of costume making will be at an end.  This talent of mine will be forgotten like the Celtic festival.


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