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Can Someone Tell Me What ‘Women’s Health’ Is?

Tonight I listened to a politician desperately trying to get elected or re-elected.  He was attempting to get the female vote by discussing ‘women’s health’ only that is related to abortion.  He was pro-abortion and was saying that allowing women the right to an abortion was women’s health.  He isn’t the only one to say this.  There are hundreds if not thousands of politicians that believe that.  There are plenty of women that have complained to me that one party doesn’t care about women’s health.  How can we not be for the health of a woman?

I have always thought women’s health dealt with the medical condition of women.  There has always been a gender gap when it comes to the health of men and women.  I am talking about the medical care.  When I read about a woman’s healthcare in the U.S., it is always worse than a man’s.  I have read that women have higher costs than men when it comes to healthcare, and they have less coverage than men.  I have read how women are treated differently than men for heart ailments, lung issues and other similar health issues between the two.  Women have more difficulty than men in accessing care thus resulting in poorer quality of life.

Reading about the inequality in the quality of care for women makes me a big proponent of women’s health.  I am related to and know many women.  These women are important to me, and their loss would be not only devastating to me but to others around them.  No where have I read that abortion is vital to the health of a woman.  I have read and seen where it is detrimental to a human.  I don’t understand why these politicians are voted into office time and again when they do not care about the true health of a woman.  They are interested in the vote first, and if it allows the death of a human then so be it.

Do I not understand what ‘women’s health’ means?  If so, please be kind enough to provide me the definition.


  1. Sara
    November 1, 2012 at 6:02 pm

    Are you a woman? I want to clarify before I explain women’s health.

    • November 2, 2012 at 11:38 am

      Hi Sara. I don’t see why my sex would have anything to do with your explanation. Please, go on and give me your thoughts on this subject.

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