Last night, I was laying on the couch in pain from head to knee.  The room was lit by the Christmas tree and little else.  The only sounds I could hear was Youth2 pleading a case with the Educator upstairs.  This strange evening was not my best for I was miserable.  Youth2 would alter my evening as the child came downstairs with an idea.

I wouldn’t call it being forced to play.  No, I considered it a parental duty to suck up the pain and get on the floor.  Youth1 quickly finished what school work was left and joined us for a game of uno.  The three of us played for an hour without anyone noticing the time or complaining they were not winning enough.  Even though I could feel my agony, it was no longer as harsh as it was.  By the way, I won four out of the ten games!  Poor Youth2, only one was won.

Playing these old fashioned games allows me the opportunity to not only bond but observe the growth of my children.  For instance, Youth1 has developed adult skill with this game.  This child uses the same techniques I use in order to win and it shows.  There is an obvious brain development from when this game was first given by “Santa Claus”.  When we first played Youth1 struggled to win more than me.  The Educator spent more time protecting Youth2 who was always upset for the victories were not there.  Youth1 will continue to develop until there is an equality between our congitive process.  Youth2 has developed as well for this child no longer gets upset when there are no victories.  The strategy is still lacking, and Youth2 spends more time trying to “get” Youth1 and protect me.  I guess it is sibling rivalry.

My entire body is in pain today, but last night was one moment were pain relief was spending time with family.  Maybe  there is another game tonight.  I hope.

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