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Westboro Baptist Church: A Lesson in Non-Christianity

Church leaders announce plans to protest at site of school massacre. 

Twitter Post:

@DearShirley :  Westboro will picket Sandy Hook Elementary School to sing praise to God for the glory of his work in executing his judgment.

Example 2: 


Westboro Baptist Church is one thing for certain.  They do not represent Christianity or the teachings of Jesus Christ.  Anyone able to read the bible, and I’m referring to the New Testament would not get the idea of Jesus recommending protesting like this.  This is a warped viewpoint of a cult like individual having people cast away their brain in order to mindlessly follow someone.  These people warp and twist Christianity.  There is nothing but hatred eminating from this “church”.  These people are an extreme example of how church groups do not understand the Christianity they so profess. 

The minister of this church has borrowed from John Calvin and developed his own system.  Reading Calvin and his philosophy does not instill a positive sense of Christianity in me, and yet there are some aspects of his philosophy I can come to terms with.  To me, John Calvin was power hungry and very anti-Catholicism which leads to extreme hatred and prejudice.  Now take a man not well versed in theology placing his own thoughts and opinions into 16th century man’s thoughts.  You get what you see at the Westboro Baptist Church.

This is the downside of people not understanding theology and willing to follow the charismatic beast.

They are so disgusting; there is no value is populating their name or giving them mention.

Our laws provide these people the right to speak and protest as they so choose.  I do not have to like it, and I can counter protest in my own manner.

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