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Hide and Go Seek

As I have written in the past, there are homeschool families with a very restrictive user rights on computers.  These limits apply to games, you tube, Facebook, email and ever general surfing.  They have their reasons even though I may not fully agree with them.  I do see the effects of these restrictions, and these parents apparently do not.

Youth 1 has spent this fall semester glued to the computer.  The college work required the use of Google.  You can throw in any search engine, but Google was the easiest; we are currently using Chrome.  Youth 1 spent much of the time looking for information and peer-reviewed information.  Early on, my child struggled searching.  Call it a teenager brain freeze.  After kickstarting the child, Youth 1 was off and running.

Youth 2 has also spent time on the computer reading news sites for current events and researching countries.  For some reason, Youth 2 has not required the kickstart; it must be the pre-teen factor.  Youth 2 reads BBC, Fox, MSNBC, CNN and others for information.  This child has been successful with the research.

Many parents do not realize that proper research can be done on the internet.  At work, 80 to 90% of my information comes from the internet.  I read books, expensive, contact co-workers and go to training.  Most of what I gain is from surfing the web.  There are a plethora of sites with excellent information, if you know how to search for them.  There are university sites, government sites, scientific organization sites and professionals lurking around on forums and blogs.  This is where computer experience is most helpful and not just twenty minutes of it.

Many solutions to a question can be found on the internet with careful research.  It does not matter on the search engine you prefer.  What does matter is knowing how to search.  All words are not created equal when searching.  Knowing which words to use is a learned skill.  It is also a learned skill to know which words not to use.  Sometimes the best starting point is not a search engine but Wikipedia.

Early on Wikipedia could be considered suspect.  The site now tends to be far more advanced than the researcher.  Also, there are instances of inaccuracies.  I will sometimes find the info on wiki and use either information from the page to search or use the references at the bottom.

I firmly believe a parent should not censor or restrict computer usage.  Each child is going to rely on computer post homeschool unless they are on a farm void of electricity.  When entering college the student receives an email address.  That should be a clue.  It has become expected that the student understands computers and has a phone.  Post college displays a requirement for the internet.  Where I work, 95% of the office workers use the interent.  We need to teach our children the future.

Progress never returns to pick up those left behind.

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