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Lost Opportunities Are Different Rewards

Seldom do I think about post titles until I am finished.  Indeed, my titles are a quick type as are my posts.  Today as I sit with my cup a joe, I thought about the past week and what accomplishments were made.  I am also relishing the relaxation of being alone looking out the window at the snow.  May they continue to sleep for another hour.  Like my peaceful morning, time is almost up for the planned tasks.

My goals were to have Youth 1 work on more math.  That hasn’t happened until yesterday.  Youth 1 is not very happy with this.  There are piano goals for the two.  Youth 2 finished the homework and even had the chance to play on a harpsichord last night.  Stairway To Heaven sounds interesting on one.  The nutrition class never materialized.  It could happen today… or not.

The goals we had never materialized because of the time we didn’t have.  We shot for the moon and could not lift off.  We did achieve some goals that were more important such as having the neighbor come over for Christmas dinner.  We worked at the local soup kitchen.  These were some of the lessons taught.  My children observed firsthand care and compassion out of their parents.  These lessons may be more valuable than mathematics or nutrition.

This Christmas break was not a failure on the education front.  It was a different path from the one we planned.  There are two days left and a partial school day for Youth 1 and Youth 2 begin today.  They will no doubt remind the Educator and myself of the promises we missed but have not forgotten.  There was no Hobbit or Lincoln.  These will have to come after the break.  I am more than willing to forgo the Hobbit for Youth 2 has not read it, and it is on the curriculum list for the spring.

As a homeschooling family, we are successful when flexible.  This is true with all homeschoolers.  You may not achieve your goals for the goals were something else.  Do not narrow your focus.  Like prayer, sometimes the results are different than what you expect.

Now back to my title of this post.  I have not quip which would surprise the family.  No, I am blank with the title.  How about Lost Opportunities Are Different Rewards.  It has a meaning… at least to me.

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