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Downward Slope Of Freedom

Freedom is an easy privilege to lose without even knowing. In America, freedom is considered a right. Other parts of the world it is not a given right. Most of history is about humans without freedom. The funny thing about freedom is humans have been fighting for freedom for centuries if not thousands of years and when won, willingly return to the original state.

Americans look at freedom as a right fought for by our forefathers. We recognize that freedom is not given but more of a fragile state of existence. Our rights such as the bill of rights provide a base structure of our freedom in our country. We have extrapolated these rights to expand our freedom in some instances and in others we see the correlation in the expanded rights. What we don’t see is the path to losing our rights.

My two youths have very little in common at their age with me when compared to me at their age. As I look at my parents, I see less between my parents and me. What my parents could do were unrestricted when compared to me. What I did as a youth is considered unrestricted when compared to my children. I never had any government looking to restrict my diet. My parents regulated what I ate and drank. I can tell you that soda, pop or whatever you want to call it was rare and only in plenty during time of holidays. Today we have a mayor restricting amounts.

Freedom and rights go hand in hand, but we seldom see them lost. We expect an invader to conquer our country and place us under their totalitarian rule. We see the political party we despise as the usurper of our governmental rule taking away our freedom. Though these are very real, they are not the true threat.

Go to a mall, sporting event, busy city or anywhere there is a large group and you’ll see your threat. It is not the muslim looking to do America harm. It is not the Christian or the Jew. It is not even the atheist or the person that does not believe in a God. Who or what is the threat?

It is your liberal, atheist, religious person, conservative and any other person you want to name. Right now we have the liberal minded people ranting and raving. Their ideas are slowly eroding our freedom as well as theirs. As they fight to restrict, eliminate, censor or ban they start the erosion of rights which leads to the reduction of freedom. How is this done? Well, think of your safety or your health. They attack in the name of “good”. In our education system, we allow one-sided arguments to subvert and indoctrinate our youth. They are fed lies and opinions to the point they became a false-fact. I am not picking on our liberal crowd. Even our conservative crowd have done this.

While I look at what my children can no longer do, I recognize the slow, downward spiral of freedom. These people looking to restrict your freedom have no clue they are dooming themselves, too. The freedom will go to those in power. It will not matter if they are Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or any other party.

Will removing guns solve problems? Will restricting salt or soda pop solve problems? There has been murder before, during and after guns. Obesity has always been around and will continue. Who are we helping when we restrict? What happens when these ideas of removal do not work? Do you think a little more restriction becomes the answer?

The world is a dynamic place. Today’s issues will be irrelevant tomorrow. What remains to be relevant is freedom, and this means our rights. We have a strong tendency to gravitate away from freedom to a system of reliance. We rely on the power to control us. Until humans can interact with each other without an agenda, there is no peace and no freedom. We will continue to fight for freedom.

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