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Public School Sports Update

This is an update to an earlier post about sports in public schools.

Youth 2 went to the school for a physical the other day. This was mainly a non-eventful occasion except for one thing. There was no animosity towards homeschoolers. At our school district, it is very common for homeschool youth go play sports for this school and even do well at their chosen sport.

There was a bit of bright news for me, too. An evaluator is not required for the weekly report. This rule was changed a few years back. How nice!

When I compare this school district to the neighboring school district, I see ours as a modern and progressive yet small school where the other is trying its best to “stamp” out that evil homeschooling. How sad is it for a school district to have such irrational fears. Are they irrational? Could this oppressive school district be trying to cover up poor quality by removing homeschoolers? Thankfully, we do not belong to this school district for we would have a lawsuit going on.

Back to my school district. It is nice to have a partnership with this school district that will teach our youth tolerance, understanding and friendship.

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