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Vacation #2: Slow Trudge North

The interstate is an amazing path to travel in order to reach a destination is a timely manner. Lost are the quaint and scenic routes of the past. Even though the interstate offers little of culture in the area you travel through, you get an idea from the other drivers of the vehicles and the stops you make.

New England is a unique area that possesses some of the most unfriendly people. This unfriendliness stretches through New York and New Jersey ending in eastern Pennsylvania. I am not inferring these people are unkind, though I suspect those from New York City. They are just unfriendly. They are not particularly interested in you and really try not to engage you. When engaged, they will talk and smile. Unlike the South, they are not smile first and all hello. My trip North had only one person smile and say have a nice trip. Most didn’t look at me or speak. On they way home I had a few more people engage me first. When engaged, the New Englanders smiled and talked with a pleasant tone. They are not mean, just not openly friendly. I still hold reservation for New York and New Jersey. Spending time in NY and New Jersey during my youth, I really do not think they care about their fellow human unless in times of stress.

You may disagree with the preceding paragraph, but my time spent in these states during different periods of time have not changed my opinion, Now I would assume different areas of these states may have different results.

The highwayman is a legal method of procuring money in New England, New York and New Jersey. There is a catch. The highwayman is the state. The rob you of money on some baseless reason for which I can not understand. The toll roads I drove through in NJ, NY were worse than some of the dirt roads I have driven on. When you spend roughly $23 to sit in traffic and be nearly squashed by trucks and drive through potholes that can swallow a smart car, you wonder why you’re paying this money. NH and ME bleed you slowly knowing that you want a straight shot through their state. In fact you never know when you need to have money for these tolls. At least in NY, I saw outsiders routinely drive through the tolls without paying. You get stuck at the last moment because you didn’t see a sign saying this booth was E-ZPass. Think of the profit for the state when they can send the fine.

MA has the worst roads of these states. I was going to give PA a pass until my way home. These two states are in competition with each other.

NY must be the toll road capital of the world. They like to throw surprise tolls at you. At least NH and ME are polite about it. I believe NH is even nicer in the fact they separate the EZ from the cash.

Driving around NY city is not recommended, and I’m sure the locals agree. You are a hindrance to these people and it is very costly. See NY from I95 is nice, which is why I did it. Now my two youths can say they saw NY. It does have a beauty at night. Oh, the roads are always crowded around NY.

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