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Applications and Colleges

We’ve received over a hundred emails from universities and colleges. Most will not be reviewed by Youth 1 for they do not offer the field or the desired interest. There has been emails from FIT, Florida institute of Technology, WVU, Maine, SUNY, UMBC, Coastal Carolina and many, many others. It looks simple, apply to those that interest you (except Gettysburg College).

This is where the plenty become expensive. Youth 1 was able to removed many schools. There was another problem, and its the application fee. This fee ranges from $50 to $60 or so. You have SAT, ACT or other testing score to send in and this costs you money. If you child has attended a college, they have transcript fees as do some private schools. This cost really adds up.

Fortunately, some schools wave the fee for whatever reasons such as their Presidential or priority application to even free application if you visit their open house. Not sure how we’ll make it to University of Denver. Youth 1 had to pare down the list of schools and the application fee was one way of doing this. There were a few schools in which Youth 1 was interested in (you were one of these schools at one time Gettysburg).

The application time can be an expensive adventure. We’ve been able to reduce the cost by eliminating schools. Gettysburg College helped us to remove them from the list with their homeschool discrimination. Youth 1 has filled out the applications for the schools of choice, forwarded SAT and ACT test scores as well as sent a university transcript.

We await the responses.

It is never too early to see what the school of interest requires. You will inundated with school emails. Most can be ignored while others can be gems of interest that was not realized before. It is best for the teenager to select their favorite six schools.

  1. October 27, 2013 at 12:09 am

    Thank you for sharing your experiences. It gives those of us with younger children an idea of what we should expect.

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