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Lazy Parenting

A while back, such as two weeks ago or so, I made a comment to a blog post responding on an experience about a parent’s response to their child’s religious belief. It’s a bit hazy now. I could go back to the post, but that is not the point. My point is an update of my comments about lazy parenting.

It was never intended to be any type of insult. It was a statement that is fact as well as opinion. Yes, some things can be both. Reality states we all are guilty at some point of laziness. This is why children will continue bad habits knowing a parent will eventually give in.

I have noticed, discovered and shared many thoughts of parenting with people. Knowing how you raise your children helps me to raise my children. Your habits may help me to recognize my mistakes or prevent me from making your mistakes. I see and listen to many parents state how they give their children the “free will” to make decisions on their own. These parents are either resigned to fate that is yet unknown or have a strange belief their teenage child is not only an adult but is capable to adult decisions.

It is our duty as parents to instill our beliefs upon our child and to not assume they will change anyway or will develop an approved belief or habit. There has been research stating we parents are most influential on our child, so why waste the opportunity? I’ve have read about how the ages of 10 to 12 is the most influential time in development for a child. It is correct to state we are the most influential individual for our child’s first 18 years of life, if we choose do so.

When we resign to an unknown future as fact, we are throwing away our influence. This is pure laziness. Excuses are made to justify the truth of the parent not wanting to put the time and effort in. Parenting is not easy. It is grey-hairing work! If you homeschool, it can even be worse. Is that possible? The reward is seeing a successful child.

There is a reason why we homeschool our children. Allow me to give you an example. My youngest child overheard a conversation between a 19 year old and 17 year old discuss a party and how there were some drugs. The 17 year old expressed a form of satisfaction to the fact drugs were present. My youngest child did not find this to be so and was adamant in not ever wanting to go to a public school. The drug and school relationship has more depth to what I am stating, but it is the point of my spouse and me influencing my youngest that is important.

My children do not look at people of different sex, color, belief or even deformities as others do. My oldest child did not see an obese, opposite sex person asking for help in chemistry. My oldest saw an individual in need of help.

Raising my two children in a 24/7 job. My flaws can easily become their flaws. This is why I can not afford to be lazy in any form. I see my flaws in my children every day, and I work hard to correct these flaws in not only them but myself.

This is why I wrote in the comments that it is lazy parenting. If this couple is so resigned to the future in their child’s religion, then is it any different when concerning education, drugs, compassion or any other formulative area?

We parents need to strongly think about what we do as parents. Being a parent is not easy, but it can be very rewarding.

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