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Free Points

College courses can be difficult. Students must resort to badgering the professor in order to gain unearned points. They haggle over quiz, homework or test problems for a point here or there. It can be beneficial gaining a student five points.

What students miss are the free points. This is not to be confused with bonus points. These are points that require little or no effort. They are part of the total grade, but they’re simple and easy to earn. They can be time consuming, but they are in a sense free.

Seldom do students recognize these points or take advantage of them. Sometimes, the free points aren’t recognized until after the class. These points are dependent upon the class and professor. Some of these points are a result of showing up for class. Last year, Youth 1 earned these points by not missing a class. This was a part of “class participation”.

This semester Youth 1 has two classes where the free points are apparent. In the calculus, it is the homework, worth around 15%. Do the homework, go over it with the professor and turn it in. You have ample time to find the answer without the prof. and then see the prof. Another class has a requirement worth 15% of the grade. It is nothing more than an assessment. Do the work and you get the points. You can miss problems and earn the points. The downside is the time it takes to do. This assessment adds additional problems as you miss problems. Looking at the class average for both, it is apparent students are not taking advantage of this. In math, the average is 85.5% and the chemistry class is 80%. How can you not do this work? These are basically free unlike tests and quizzes.

Students do not often recognize what is takes to get the better grade. They look at the easy points as a nuisance and thus throw away a grade opportunity. It is clear in the two cases, there are a number of students not bothering to do the work.

A student needs to quickly recognize the free points. Indeed, they need to recognize how the point system is broken down in class. This can help you with getting a higher grade.

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