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College Killer

There are many obstacles for a college student to overcome. You have study habits to learn and homesickness to deal with for those living away from home. There are also college relationships to deal with. Then comes college life. There is so much to do.

There is one attribute that drives these obstacles. It is maturity. Being 18 does not mean you are a mature, young adult ready for life. You are more likely a deceived young adult believing in your own hype. The lack of experience in life has not prepared you to be on your own.

This is what a freshman college student encounters when they finally leave the nest. Parental influence fades with the distance. Judgments not learned now come into play. This is where maturity or lack-of hinders our decision making process at this young age.

This is what Youth 1 is seeing at the local university. A friend “Chris” is a smart guy, but he is immature. He skips classes and has averaged 50% on some quizzes and tests. I do not doubt his intelligence for I saw a young lady, Amy, flunk out her first semester because of immaturity. Even I didn’t understand how maturity was in play then as I too was immature. Chris is likely to flunk out this semester if he can not pass his classes. What a waste of 15 to 20,000 dollars and may the loss of a scholarship.

I do not know how to prepare a child to deal with immaturity other than teaching good habits. This is where I have badgered Youth 1 on study habits and class attendance (mandatory in this family). Even Youth 2 is driven to show work and be timely.

Overcoming immaturity is difficult. The only solution is to grow up for each person matures at a different rate. The only help is to drive into a student good habits. We can only hope this will keep a student on the path.

If anyone knows of a solution, I am keen to hear it.

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