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Review of Analytical Grammar: a systematic approach to language mastery

Grammar has always been a bane for me even though tutors and others that have tested me said otherwise. This stress has been placed my two youths. It is the Educator that does the major of the work and actually selects the curriculum. This particular material has been in use with use for several years.

I do not know the price. You can easily look that up.

The curriculum is broken into roughly 34 units covering nouns, pronounces, adverbs, semicolons, commas, clauses as so on. You can say at 380 pages for this particular grammar set, it covers everything. There is a part of the unit describing and explaining the specific subject matter being covered. This is a nice basic grammar course. After working through a unit you go to the next step.

This step will be the exercises. The nouns, articles and adjectives unit has three exercises. After the exercises you have the skills support where in this particular units the student deals with paraphrasing. Next is the test where each problem is weighted. For example, you have a raw score of 117 but each problem may have a different value. There is a instructor’s version providing the answers and how to score the test.

I have mentioned to the Educator of how I would like to go through this course myself. It would be a nice refresher. It has been decades since I did diagramming.

This is a three year program, and how this course should be used is mentioned on page 1. The first year, the parent is to teach the first 10 units. This takes 10 weeks to accomplish. After completing the 10 units, you are to do reinforcement and review exercises. This section is an independent section where your child is expected to not only do the work but grade it themselves. There is an expectation of the student book becoming a reference book.

This curriculum now has a High School Reinforcement book.

If you have the opportunity to look over this curriculum, please do so.

I give it two thumbs up!

  1. January 13, 2014 at 7:05 pm

    We do diagramming in our home as well. Some might find it pointless, but I think it serves a good purpose.

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