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TOPS Science

Early in our homeschooling years, we struggled to find a science program suitable for our children. Like any new homeschooler we had no idea of what to use. There are plenty of failures out there, but TOPS has been with us for many years.

TOPS offers courses on Physics, Math & Measurement, Earth & Space, Life and Chemistry. Each of these are broken down in sections that have grade levels. This provides a variety for the homeschooling family as well as age appropriate subject matter. These course do have a wide grade range such as grades 6 thru 10.

The course book is broken down into sections. Each section the student does an experiment and learns some physics or earth science. It was never uncommon for me to find some strange concoction around the house. I knew enough to leave it be. Open my closet door and see a lima bean growing. Visitors to our house would not find it so normal. Your children are doing experiments. What better way to investigate and understand.

This course works best with a parent teaching or assisting. You may not wish your child to tackle some of the experiments for a child could get hurt. Maybe a burn here or there or damage part of the house. Maybe it was my youths taking the experiments to a new level. Parental involvement will help the child learn. If the parent isn’t involved how can they ask questions?

There are teacher books to go along with this science. If purchasing from their site, there are combo discounts. You can download these books as pdf or have a hard copy.

For those doing portfolios, you can take pictures of the experiments going on, scan finished paperwork written on the experiments or you can include our write up.

This is a wonderful way to introduce your child to science and keep it fun. Thumbs up for this one.

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