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Evil Professors

I had an early post I was working on but stopped. It was about this topic I am about to discuss. The first attempt was very critical and negative of college professors. My opinions on this have not changed.

The money we spend to send our children to college is not well-spent. Yes, the majority of people do earn a degree but the education is not worth the cost. There was a time and may still be true will a physics ideology was prevalent and still is where any dissenting view was discouraged with the attempt to do away with the different idea. If we look at climatology we see the global warming proponents aggressively censoring out dissenting views. What is gained when only one viewpoint is allowed, and it is flawed?

In the world of liberal arts, we have a serious problem. It has become strongly agenda driven. Emotion and agenda has replaced facts. We have professors teaching their ideology and excluding any dissenting viewpoint. Students that disagree pay a terrible price such as failing the class or losing the A. How often do we see in the news a controversial professor. It happens all of the time. This is far worse than we realize. These professors are NOT educating but indoctrinating. Sadly the offer little to be learned. We can see countless YouTube videos of these professors and their profanity when they are stood up to. We need to remove these parasites of education.

These people are better at this indoctrination than the Nazis were. They are meeting students are away from home and vulnerable. It is very easy to pass lies or half-truths on to these students. There are a few that will point out the obvious lies and be denounced and demonized by the professor. These students believe they are in control at this age but reality is far different. The parent security blanket is gone and the vulnerability becomes evident. If the student does not grow up quickly they can fall into these traps.

There is a time and place for open discussion between ideologies in the classroom. Neither can be right or wrong. The professor no matter how educated does not possess the correct viewpoint. Berating a student for having a different viewpoint than the professor is unacceptable.

The liberal arts are an interesting area of study when it is done without bias. Too bad many of these biased professors do not know this.

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