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The Finish Line

It began ten or so years ago during a school year when we removed our oldest child from school. We entered new waters with anxiety but with determination. All we had was a small homeschool group to show us how to homeschool. There was a lot to learn and our first year was full of learning for all of us.

How did we do with our oldest child? Was our homeschooling a success?

Youth 1 has only a few months to go before graduating. It would be premature to declare success.

If you look at Youth 1 and look past the physical attributes, you will see a caring and kind young man. He is the type of young man parents would want their daughter to date. I’m not saying this because I’m his parent, but this is what the Educator and I have taught him to be. He is to respect all people and treat everyone with kindness. Okay, his younger sibling doesn’t get that treatment all of the time. If you are an employers you will love my son, too. He is diligent and hardworking, yep surprises even me. He is very punctual. He believes in honesty and will not lie or cheat about his work. In fact, he doesn’t lie or cheat with people. My son is not dumb. He is a very smart, young man. His grades at the university display this.

He is an Eagle Scout and has concerns about the environment. This young man has worked on environmental projects of his making and of others. He has planted trees in the rain for a local conservation group and sweated during the removal of invasive species. He has a keen interest in figuring how anything works.

I don’t want you think my son is perfect. There are plenty of flaws. Many of these are the teenage flaws that are inherent in our teenagers. There are certain aspects of education he does not care about and will not put effort into. The potential is there, but he is not. There is a chance my son my find college not the direction he wants to go in.

My son has learned much through homeschooling. Indeed he knows more and is capable of more than those from public schools. This person helps college freshmen with their schoolwork but will not study hard enough when needed. His math and science knowledge is quite impressive. Though writing is not his favorite, he has the capability if he puts his mind to it.

I know there are plenty of doubters out there such as the teachers that told the Educator it would be a bad idea to take my son out of school and homeschool him. We would fail, and he would not amount to anything. There were other teachers, parents, friends and even family that thought the same. My son would be socially inept. Some may have been won over. Others likely think we are doing the work for my son.

To all of you doubters, my son has friends and socializes with them. Though dating is not in his interest at this time, he has gone to dances and had no problems talking with girls. His fellow scouts thought highly of him and most were not homeschooled. My son has routinely scored high on the standard tests and even scored high enough to test out of some sciences on the college placement test. He is highly thought of at the place he worked for the summer. He may be quiet but that is his personality.

I don’t know what the future holds for Youth 1. Next year at this time he could be in college, the military or making pizza. The future is for him to decide. The Educator and I have equipped our son with the tools for success. What he decides to do with these tools is his decision alone. Either way I will be extremely proud of my son.

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