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Life of Homeschool Science #7

I’m going to jump ahead to the late middle school years and early high school. To me this is a very important time. For some scholarship requirements, you need to start applying letter grades and documenting textbooks. This is also an important preparation period for college bound students.

The Educator had an initial fear of how to instruct Youth 1 in the sciences at this point. The experiments were easy enough but when you apply mathematics everything changes. How do you teach a subject you are not familiar with? We started looking at ways to educate Youth 1.

We looked at my old college textbooks. I had a chemistry and a calculus book ready to be used. The help would come in a form of the internet. It was doable but difficult. This would require some concentration on all to get this done in a school year. There were other alternatives.

This is where a homeschool group is worth the value of membership. There was a parent that would teach biology. I believe Apologetics was used. The class was formal and instruction occurred. Labs were also done in this class. All reading, homework and lab reports were done outside of class. Even the exams were to be given by the parents.

Youth 1 experienced a classroom environment consisting of homeschoolers. Quizzes and lab were graded and grades posted. This was a real-world experience for Youth 1 and the other students. This class helped to prepare Youth 1.

There was even a chemistry course that Youth 1 participated in. This class was of a similar environment to the biology course. This chemistry class used Apologetics as well. In fact, this course helped provide the opportunity for Youth 1 to test out of first year chemistry at the local university, an option we chose to not take.

As a student enters the upper years of schooling, the educational style needs to change. If you look at chemistry you now need to know how to do stoichiometry. No longer can you only scratch the surface. If your studying physics the simple stuff no longer apply. You need to be able to understand the formulas and utilize them in order to do the calculations.

As a homeschooling parent, you need to be aware of the time to change the way your child is learning. We transferred to a textbook and away from multiple books. No longer was Youth 1 looking at a general subject. He was now going into depth with the subject. Think about how you will go about educating your child during the middle school and high school years.

Why was Apologetics textbooks used? The person teaching required this.

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