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How I learned early math

This memory is going back quite a few years. As I pull the cobwebs off and review this corroded and musty memory, I begin to see how I was taught mathematics.

There are vague memories of my family teaching me math. Older siblings taking their turn and even my mother do some simple math. My official introduction was likely first grade. There was the traditional book that I really do not remember much of. There were two instrumental items of learning.

These two items were the abacus and colored blocks. These two items whether in form or on paper were there to teach me about numbers. It was simple to visualize and understand. No confusing number line needed. These two items were a mainstay for me for the formative math years. On paper I was given crayons to color in the hundreds, tens and ones. I didn’t have to jump and then struggle to remember what direction to go and add which number.

My memory fails me as to when these items were no longer used. I can state it was no longer used in fifth grade. As I look at the education of my two youths, we utilized the same items through Saxon. My oldest scored well in math and the youngest received a perfect score in standardized testing.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

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