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Homeschool Travel Books

Years ago at a homeschool convention, the Educator and I were looking for information on our locals states. It was May and the summer was coming up. This was an ideal time for trips that require warmer weather. I can tell you, visiting the Flight 93 National Memorial on a blustery winter day is not the most comfortable feeling. We stumbled upon a small booth and discovered a series of books by a family. This would be the only time we would see these people at this convention.

Our first purchase was “Kids Love Pennsylvania” by George and Michele Zavatsky. The book is a guide book of what there is in Pennsylvania. The book is broken out into areas such as the Central Area or South West Area an so on. These are put into chapters. There is even a master index and activity index. You can find a map of the state as well as a map of state broken into areas. Your children can learn the counties of the state as you travel. There is a city index which displays what area each city is in. At the beginning of each chapter, family favorites are listed. How nice is that?

Take Chapter One, the Central Area, as an example. The initially list Horshoe Curve near Altoona, Allegheny Portage Railroad in Gallitzin and even Penn State as some of their favorites. You can see a small area map covering ten counties. The following pages give information on sites such as state parks, museums and even sports teams in the area. You’ll find their address, phone number and website along with a little blurb about the attraction. Maybe during your travel you want to stop at Delgrosso’s Amusement Park for a day. It is in there.

Towards the back of the book you can find a seasonal and special events section. In July can you can find the South Central information for the Battle of Gettysburg among other fun events.

These books are worth reviewing to see if they fit in your plans. We have used this book not necessarily for travel but for history research. It is nice to find some destination pertaining to the revolutionary war and then visit their website to glean information. It may be a small out of the way place that remains unknown until you discover it in these books.

Vist and discover this way of learning about America.

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