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Lost Art of Writing

Upon graduating from college, writing was the least of my skills required. I can count the number of times I wrote a report or a lengthy memo explaining a procedure. Most of my writing skills were used on quick and short emails, memos of information or engineering calculations. None of these required much skill other than basic spelling and writing. When I started my little blog, it was an attempt to not only amuse and occupy myself but to also improve my deteriorating skills. The confidence I had in my writing skills was low to begin with and throw in minor activity of writing, well you can imagine how I felt. This blog has not been the most helpful as I had hoped. I need an editor to go along with planning and writing a rough draft.

This is what I see today in society. We have allowed technology to trump what we call snail mail and other personal interactions. Writing a letter is a very personal moment when used without a computer. In the past, we may have selected special paper from Hallmark for certain occasions. We had the special pen we preferred whether it was the color, the tip or the make. I love fountain pens and should tell you the story about black ink and white carpet in an apartment sometime. Next is our writing style. The Educator’s writing style is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. There are plenty of compliments on the style. You could always tell the mood of the writer by their style. They didn’t have to specify this mood; you could see through the way they wrote. I have written many love letters and received many as well. As I look back on some of them, there is a personal feel to these letters. They open the heart for all to see. There are sometimes little pictures drawn in the letter or a mistake showing the train of thought. You do not see this anymore.

I have written emails to people where there was a sense of humour in my writing, but it was never conveyed. Instead, I insulted the people without meaning. All they read is sterilized font with a bland background. The flow of the handwriting is not shown in order to provide a hint of my true feeling. Most of us are not authors with the ability to translate feeling through this medium and should not try to do so. I’ve written short stories and can tell you they are not personal to the reader. I was trying to relay emotion and feeling from the character’s point of view and not mine.

My biggest issue remaining is the need of an editor. I now make the common errors in writing such as the tense of verbs. How embarrassing is it to read something you write a while ago and see the glaring errors with verb tenses or even defining what is plural and singular. You name it, I do it wrong. I have given up on when to place a comma or semicolon. That has always been my issue and was one of the first issues I wanted to fix. Now I struggle with the easy stuff. Help me Grammar Girl!

Now I have embarked on a travel where the Educator is my editor. I will feel the wrath like my two youths, but the Educator is not mean. We just hate to correct our work. Unlike the other two, I won’t mind. I have a goal and that is to succeed on my new adventure… if I get in.

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