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Intelligence Quotient

November 19, 2014 Leave a comment

The other day a discussion was had in our family about IQ. The biggest part of the discussion was the IQ of one my sons and how high it is. I proceeded to joke about his intelligence when he made a “stupid” statement. We all had a good laugh.

A little research and I saw the high school IQ scores of some public people. One was made fun of because it was low, 85 or something. I thought about my IQ test and score from high school. The teacher never mentioned what the test was or about. As a youth, if the test had no meaning it was not worth the effort. I figured it was another standardized test, and since standardized tests had no meaning to me, I blew off the test. I randomly selected answers without reading. I was never told of my score. Could my score be as low or even lower than this person’s? What if I become a public personality. What will they think of me? The score never stopped me from achieving what I wanted.

As I think back, I may have taken multiple IQ tests in school. I really don’t know or even care. My IQ has never helped me, it is above 100 as if it matters. I can’t say it has not hurt. I do not know if schools shared that information or were allowed to when I was in high school. I just find the IQ to be silly.

I have met many people bragging about their high IQ. Funny how often they make poor decisions or do not pick up on things right away. There are people with high IQs that have done nothing in life. It is all about motivation in my belief. You have to want something to be successful. We see this in people that become doctors with brain damage.

I do not see any value of an intelligence quotient test.

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A Story Of Hope

November 17, 2014 3 comments

I want you to watch an ad. Though they are selling something, I want you to concentrate on the story. Whether you believe in God or not, you must admit this experience, however brief it was, is a true statement of what Christianity is. It was Jesus that brought these people together even if many did not know it or believe.

The year is 1914 and The Great War was beginning to shape Europe and the world. Arrogance of nobility and political leaders brought forth two opposing side to murder each other. The month was December and the two sides were basically at a stalemate. A war of attrition had begun as stated by Private R. Fleming, “It is not war this. It is who can kill the most in the shortest possible time”.[1]

The lines between the two sides were at time only yards apart. Close enough for the two sides to yell at each other with black humour. Examples of this were soldiers yelling out “missed” if a bullet was off the mark.

In December, the weather was rather wet. Christmas was approaching. Pope Benedict XIV would suggest a temporary halt in the fighting for the celebration of Christmas. The leadership of the warring factions would not take up the pope’s suggestion for a cease-fire. It just so happened on December 24, Christmas Eve, the weather was cold enough to allow for a frost to cover the landscape thus providing a white Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, the Germans began to sing Christmas carols and placed Christmas trees lit with lanterns above their trenches. The Germans celebrate Christmas Eve more than Christmas day. On some areas of the line, the British returned the German carols with their own carols. The two sides were serenading each other. There were even brass bands accompanying the carols.

On Christmas Day, some Germans left their trenches and entered the no-mans land to say “Merry Christmas.” On other areas, British soldiers yelled, “Good morning Fritz,” and offered the Germans cigarettes. The Allies soon left their trenches to meet their fellow humans in the middle of no-mans land to greet each other with laughter and shaking of hands. More songs were sung, gifts exchanges, pudding shared and even a game of soccer (football) played. You could hear Silent Night (Stille Nacht), O Come All Ye Faithful, The First Nowell, Old Folks at Home, Auld Lang Syne, While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks and O Tannenbaum along the lines. The men exchanged jokes, souvenirs and even prayers.

Sadly, the truce was not to last. The only sane idea of the war was erased by the desire to murder for no good reason.

I know this is very early for Christmas. My reason for posting this so soon is to give anyone the opportunity to do some research and talk about it during the Christmas season. This is one story worth repeating.

Here is the link I think would be nice to watch. Watch and enjoy it for the historical reference. (In case the link isn’t working:

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The Nest Is Getting Bigger

November 17, 2014 Leave a comment

Today, I’m feeling somewhat depressed. There is no reason for me to have such feelings. Life is generally good, and I am healthy for my age. The wear and tear is standard though excessive in some areas. Hey, it’s my own dumb fault. No one to blame but me, but this isn’t my cause of the depressed feeling.
It is my oldest son. He is the cause or should I state the indirect cause. You see, I am thinking about next year or even this summer. This bird will leave the nest for an extended period of time. As much as I say it won’t bother me, inside I know it will. I will and am full of regrets of not doing enough with him. I should have played chess yesterday instead of read 100 pages for my class. I should sit with him a while and talk instead of some other task. We should have taken those promised hikes. Who is going to help me with various tasks that I regularly relied upon him to assist or do?
As much as I dream of the day the Educator and I have our lives together, I will miss my children the day they leave. I am entrenched in the lifestyle of having two children living at the house. There is a pleasure to be able to walk past a room and peek at your child or hear them. They have no idea of why I asked them to do tasks with me. Secretly, I want their company. I want them to enjoy what I enjoy in order to spend time with them. This is my secret and why I am feeling down. My son’s departure is on my mind. He has spent 18 years with me. This is more than the time I spent with the Educator, alone. This lifestyle has had me sacrifice much in my life. I really do not miss it and would not trade the time with my kids for any of what could have been.
Oh, I’ll get over this unnecessary feeling. In time I will adjust to his departure. It is normal for my child to leave and venture on his own. I will miss him terribly but enjoy observing his life progress. This leaves me to think of my parents. How much do they long for me to come home and visit?

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Helicopter Landing In The College Class

November 16, 2014 2 comments

It has been a while since I last posted or reviewed anything. Graduate work can do that to you or even house projects. Whatever my tasks are, it becomes difficult to post.

My oldest was in his college class when a female student entered the room followed by an adult male; it was obvious he was her father. The father daughter combination went outside with the professor of the college class to have a discussion. My son doesn’t know what happened outside but the professor was not amused when he entered.

This is not a way for a parent to teach their child about life. This young lady, not homeschooled, was an early to college enrollee and should have been prepared for college. What message did this parent send to his daughter? Will he go to whatever school she attends or job she applies for to fight her battles? Where is the development of independence?

When my son, an eleventh grader, entered the early to college program there was an expectation of his doing it on his own. He sought the professor out outside of class during the professor’s hours. The Educator and I used this opportunity for our son to grow. If he could not handle it, then he should not be there. Two years my son went to the local college and not once did we intervene at any point. My son has learned how to deal with people and expectations of others. Apart from learning the curriculum he was enrolled in, he was learning the reality of life by interacting with fellow students and professors.

What did my son think of this incident? He shook it head and stated it did not speak well of the girl. There is an unstated thought of her not belonging there. She has in a way alienated herself from the rest of the students. Oh, my son did say he would be upset and embarrassed if one of his parents attempted to do this. Even my joke about going to one of his current classes didn’t sit well with him.

My advice for parents sending this high school children to college is do NOT become involved. Land the helicopter. Encourage your child to solve their own problems and understand life is not fair. If you feel the need to hover, do so at home. Mandate a study time and review BUT DO NOT DO their work. If you need to be so involved in the college course, maybe your child isn’t ready and does not belong there.