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Why I Hate Sports

August 28, 2015 Leave a comment

I grew with a love of sports, though my parents never were fanatical about it. I played basketball, and they never once went to a game. I think they went to one basketball game. My parents supported me, but it was in the educational area where I saw them the most. Sports, while they supported my activity, was not one where they concentrated. They did enjoy sports for my parents watched our favorite NFL team every Sunday, and my dad loved boxing. My mother was a great second baseman in softball. So, it isn’t like there was a void in sports at the house.

There are few sporting events I don’t follow – Olympics and basketball come to mind. I have my favorite teams I watch, and of course my sons sports teams. This is where I have begun to hate sports as a whole. There is a big part of me committing the sin of wishing harm. Yes, I often wish for the player to fracture an ankle thus ruining their sports career. It is not because I hate the youth. This is more of my feeling of wanting the kid to wake up to what is important, his or her education. I want the kid to strive for what is important. This is my flaw.

I have been involved in high school sports as a spectator and stats keeper for a few years. What I have seen disgusts me, embarasses me, and saddens me. I can tell you about the police officer father watching a game and screaming for a violent action towards an opposing team. Needless to say, he was asked to leave. Don’t worry, he is back this year for his son is now in high school. There are the parents that bad mouth the other players. If you don’t think their kids do not adopt their belief then think again. There are players that find out they are varsity and now ignore the “lesser” players. Too bad, these kids don’t realize they are truly horrible at the sport. It is their size and year status that places them on varsity.

The parents are the worst of the bunch. They demand their ungrateful child to be placed in the star status. How dare you pull them out of a game or bench them. They see no problem with their children speaking ill of other players or talking back to coaches. They expect the world to cater to their children. These people will scream from the stands and say nasty words about a athletically challenged player in the open and in front of the player and parents. They treat this meaningless game or sport as if it is what only matters. It is sad to see a student athlete hear the comments made about them. I see the player’s expression. It hurts them (I only wonder how the parents would react if I did the same to them. I could bring up their education, weight, looks, house, car or some other negative). The sad fact is the vast majority of the parents have no clue what they are talking about. They should be ashamed, but their poor actions are re-affirmed by the other parents. Coaches cannot correct team problems concerning players because parents get involved. That cop, well he inserts himself for his son’s sake all too often. He is basically an ass. My son, on a club team, had a parent insert himself to help a coach and manhandle my son. Unfortunately, I was not present or there would have been serious issues. In my eyes, that is an assault.

I enjoyed watching my sons play sports and listen to them as they studied what they did right and wrong on the field. It was enjoyable all around until high school sports. Now, if you’re not popular, you are ignored. The talk about sex, cursing, and, bullying is too much. My youngest had considered not playing this year. I really didn’t mind. I hoped he would not. He is doing it again. I will watch the games as far away from parents as I can.

Maybe next year my son will say forget it. There is one parent that wants to coach that will do the trick. My son hasn’t forgotten the treatment my son received from this man when the man last coached him. ┬áThen I can hope the team loses all of their games without guilt.

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