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Hatred Breeds Hatred

I was brought up to treat other people as I would like to be treated and as an equal. It was taught to me that a black person was no different than me except for melanin and a few other characteristics that are no different than eye color, hair color or any other such variation of a human. As a son to a mother, brother to a sister, and husband to a wife there was no reason why I would not think of a female as being my equal. This type of vision carries on throughout other people.

For all of the people I have met, I have yet to come in a agreement with 100% of the people. We disagree on many issue such as sports, sports teams, politics, religion, weather, seasons, guns, homosexuality, and so on. Some actions or beliefs I say are very wrong while some friends would disagree. I openly admit I think homosexuality is wrong in many ways and even believe it is a neurological disorder. This belief has never allowed me to discriminate or hate such a person. They’re different than me just as the guy who has cerebral palsy or the friend that likes only red headed women or the one that prefers another type of female. There have been many gay people that I have met in the world, and they knew my belief. It has never stopped us from interacting, because it was not a issue to keep a friendship or working relationship from communicating and interacting peacefully. This isn’t just about gay or color but differences as a whole.

Recently, I have seen people purposely discriminate against those that may share my ideas. There is the unfairness of banning Chick-Fil-A at the University Nebraska or the person who, holding a different opinion than me, has a racist view of blacks or whites for that matter. They express their First Amendment rights and are attacked. When these people or businesses are quashed, these groups attacking become worse than what they have attacked. Their insatiable hatred towards these groups does what they apparently do not understand. They create hatred through their own irrational hatred.

We can’t legislate hate away and we can’t shame or push hate away. Legislation to eliminate hate has always made the issues worse and it creates more hatred of the type of hatred or discrimination the law tried to remove. The same goes with these groups that attack anti-gay businesses or people. Attacking people for what appears to be a racists statement or attitude does not make for a tolerant world.

Sadly, those that believe is banning what seems to be offensive or hurtful words only makes the issues worse. We will always have people hating gays, blacks, whites, hispanics, asians, redheads, short people and what not. When we try to actively stop these people, we only make it worse. When we enact laws that discriminate one group in order to help another, we are creating future hate that is worse than the present.

The solution is a lengthy process called time. Tolerance develops over time and understanding comes after. When we try to circumnavigate time we only make the issues worse. Think of these actions as going to war without diplomacy. Would you doom millions of lives if you could have been more patient and diplomatic? The solution for the University of Nebraska is to allow Chick-Fil-A in. Show the tolerance. It may be difficult, but there are other ways to get someone to change.

In the end, the groups forcing the discrimination of Chick-Fil-A are worse than what they are trying to prevent. In effect these people are the true evil. We should be defending the right for everyone to have their freedom of speech and beliefs even if we strongly disagree. Until those of us who will discriminate based on a righteous cause cease this attitude, hatred will continue to breed hatred, and those of us that actively seek to prevent the rights of others from being expressed in the false belief of freedom are guilty of what we preach against.

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