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Why Worry About Guns?

March 22, 2018 Leave a comment

I wrote an earlier snippet about how there is fearmongering about guns and showed statistics proving this. Briefly mentioned, I believe, were some statistics about bullying. What is really worse I ask?

We have this gun violence walkout disguised as school safety. Well, where is the safety with respect to this incident: School Walkout Violence? A student is violently beaten for not participating. What apparently attributed to this incident? News 6, local news of the areas, quoted this, ““You won’t catch me outside doing the walkout but at 10:00 I’ll watch all the clowns head to the sports arena for the circus”, as well as this “The people doing it to skip class, those people, they’re the clowns.” The young man was repeatedly threatened and finally brutally attacked. Now, shouldn’t this be considered as a hate crime? I think the term “hate crime” is silly, but if we are going to apply this law, then it should be applied across the board.

At what point should we reassess our priorities. It isn’t guns that threaten our lives. What threatens us are those who do not value others and their beliefs. This shows the sad fact that students are not aware of what they are “walking out” on. They follow the indoctrination of their teachers, peers, and parents. This is where fearmongering is at its most damaging as it creates irrational fear while we allow a student to be bullied and severely beaten. Guns have never been the true issue concerning gun control. We need to get our act together and quit drinking the proverbial kool-aid. Life is full of events, items, or activities that will kill us. We, willingly, take that chance every day.

Let quit focusing on guns and gun control and focus on correcting our society. This young man should not have had to spend one moment in a hospital, and the perpetrator should be arrested and charged. Allow me to end with a quote from F.D.R., “Only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”


September 25, 2017 Leave a comment

I have finally given up on the NFL with more sports likely to follow. It has nothing to do with the commissioner or any thoughts of the players being greedy. As much as I do not like some of the activities done by players outside of the sport, this too isn’t the reason why I am not longer following the NFL or the team I used to support. It has to do with the political/racial agenda Colin Kaepernick created.

He isn’t the first to use sports as a billboard for an ideology, belief, or some type of agenda. I neither agree nor disagree with his belief whether or not it is a bit skewed from facts or not. It is the fact that I watch sports for enjoyment and not to learn about the latest agenda or political statement. If I want that, I’ll watch or read the media-based propaganda. Kaepernick took a simple way out to make a statement and forced me to endure this unless I quit watching football. Well, I have.

I have never enjoyed the NBA or even the NCAAB, so this is no loss for me. Sports should be unrelated to social causes or political fighting. Do I care about Trump’s runaway mouth about the NFL players kneeling? No. Do I care about the message Kaepernick was trying to say? No. I found him to be annoying in the fact his antics created more drama than it was worth. When I watch a sport, my concern is about enjoying the game and not putting up with someone’s message.

Whether I agree with him or not, I do not believe sports is the place to make statements like he was trying just as I believe Presidents shouldn’t be hosting winning sports teams. I enjoy sports for a simple reason that it is almost always excluded from the societal stupidity we see, read, and hear. The men kneeling or holding hands push me further away from sympathizing or caring about their cause. It is understandable to join together and kneel because a rampant mouth makes an ill-advised statement, but this indulgence of social views makes sports less entertaining and that was the reason I was watching. Goodbye sports as a whole as I expect different sports teams and leagues to replicate this type of stance with whatever message is being sent. I’ll just read a book or go outdoors.

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What Hollywood and the Media Missed

November 9, 2016 Leave a comment

I can recall my thoughts over a year ago as I said, “Don’t worry. Let Trump go, he’ll soon burn out, and we can get to the real candidates.” As he won the candidacy, I thought, “Damn! The Democrats have it, but…” I knew right there that Hillary Clinton was a defeatist selection.

As a white male, I know why I detest Hillary. She is a liar and corrupt. This is no different than any other “qualified” politician. They are all poison, and Hillary was the representation of it. The “Clinton Machine” was another reason. Just as people didn’t want another Bush, Clinton was a dynasty not wanted. There is no sexism here and very little around America. There were better women to select such as Mazie Hirono (I doubt she would win because of her heritage), Kirsten Gillibrand, and Patty Murray to name some of the female Democrats. These women had a better chance than Hillary.

Consider this, if any of the previous mentioned women were running for President, the large numbers of anti-Hillary people would not have come out; therefore PA, MI, FL, and even NC come to the Democratic Party. These women were not as hated as Hillary even though they may be seen as part of the establishment like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Jeb Bush. At most, sexism may have been a truer issue than in Hillary’s case. Indeed, I would prefer these women to “break through the glass ceiling” than Hillary who I see as tainted. Hillary was bitten by the infected zombie, and Americans could smell it.

Our entertainers have always been out of touch with their fans and the public in general. These people throw money around and talk of buying homes in foreign countries to live in because of Trump. How can the rest of Americans do this? The day after the election, we see the entertainers continuing with the venom while the American public is getting on with their life. While the entertainers wish to not unite and heal, the American public want to unite and heal. How is it that we even listen to these venomous and hateful people? We just need to recognize these people are not important and ignore their opinions.

The news media expected Hillary to win. They ignored the discontent in America. We can see today the bitterness with some in CNN as they take a negative approach towards Trump. They projected more of a negative image of Trump and in some cases rightly so. Hillary appeared to have a protectionist bubble surround her as members of the news media struggled to hide their support for Hillary. The most damaging was Donna Brazile and her emails. Today, we see the emphasis on Trumps lack of governing when they forget that President Obama had never governed. Inexperience does not mean anything. Time and again the news media misconstrues Trump’s statements of what he’s going to do. The public understood his statements. Does anyone really thinks he knew more than the generals? No, not even Trump. He was reactionary and a major mistake was to target these statements.

In the end, the public was ignored. How does the CNN political analyst miss the Sanders movement until he wins Michigan? She’s a political analyst? Heck, I understood what was going on early on and from both sides. It may have took me longer with Trump, but I soon understood the dissatisfaction. Our entertainers think a flash of cash and a few witty comments makes the country run. Sorry, but Americans do not have money to throw away and your wit gets old. To the entertainers, why do you continue with your hatred when America is ready to unite? Do you wish to continue to divide this country? Quit blaming everyone else for Hillary’s defeat. She alone must own up to her defeat and not find a scapegoat in order to deceive herself.

I don’t support Donald Trump, but I need him to succeed whether I like him or not. Donald Trump is the newly elected President and like President Obama has some very important decisions to make. His cabinet selection will dictate the success of his administration. The smarter they are the better he will guide America. The next hopeful step is the removal of the corruption in our government. If we can remove it, our lives get better as the money no longer flows to the corrupted politicians, but that is for another discussion.