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Simply Nothing

January 8, 2012 Leave a comment

Well, it isn’t like anyone is breaking down the door to read anything on this blog.  Indeed this may be a truly boring blog.  What do I care?  I can write and write with my own fantasy residing in my brain.  This brings me to a lost thought.  Are blogs simply nothing?

The vast majority of blogs that I have come across are nothing more than one person’s poor opinion.  Some are more entertaining than others.  The political bloggers are the least informative and the most caustic.  Incidentally, I came across a percentage where 85% liberals, oh they’re now progressives again, are harshest towards opinions differing the blogger.  The sports bloggers are another group that provides little information other than their bad opinion.  We have the hobby bloggers that provide some nice information, but they tend to be more dull.  The news bloggers provide opinions as well.  This is about all I want to write about concerning this subject.

To sum up my post, blogs are rather bad and dull.  My blog is most likely quite dull for most humans including the illiterate.  Finally, I’ll likely continue blogging until I forget about it.

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