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A small victory for humanity

Abortion restrictions pass in Texas. This is a victory but a small one for humanity. I consider Wendy Davis and supporters of her cause to be fundamentally wrong about their views in this case. It is a view based on selfishness and not one for humanity. This has nothing to do with the great lie of women’s health.

I grew up in a family that was strongly pro-life. I went along with this as a kid for I didn’t know much about this battle and nor did I care. What did it matter to me at that time. I had no vested interest in this. We wore the pro-life rose, but there was no meaning in it for me. These were my young year and early teen years. There was no need to be interested in this argument. Sure, I’d seen some of abortion and fetus the images, but they were alien to me. There was no meaning.

As I entered my late teen years, I began dating. Initially, this argument had no meaning. Everything was the same except my friends were now voicing opinions. Most were in favor of abortion. At the time, I didn’t pay attention to who was for and who was not. Later I would look at this and notice the people in favor of abortion were sexually active. Those not in favor would change their minds when they became sexually active or had a good friend that was sexually active. Those against abortion were not dating and or were religious.

In my college year, I began to side with pro-abortion. I was looking at it from a selfish perspective. If my significant other and I became sexually active with each other, there was a chance of pregnancy. This would ruin our lives. We were college students and not ready to work in the world. In fact we would not survive as a couple if there was a pregnancy. We were too immature and unready for responsibility no matte how much we professed it. We looked at the stigma within our respective families. How could I face my family or my significant other? Inside I knew it was wrong, but I was only thinking of myself. Yes, a little bit of pleasure was worth the expulsion of a nuisance.

My college friends were of the same opinion. The women’s right was rampant since it was the woman’s body we were discussing. Who cares about the separate entity inside. Even though I held this new opinion, I wasn’t entirely sold on it. I was told the fetus was not human even though the DNA said otherwise. Apparently, if it does not look human then it is not human. I guess you can say Joseph Merrick was human or any other deformed human with that logic. There was a lot of information going around about how a fetus wasn’t human and was part of a woman. None of this logic sat well with me, but I went along with it. Afterall, what business is it of mine to be involved in other people’s lives. I guess if I see a crime, I should look the other way.

When I met the Educator and we married, my thoughts about abortion really didn’t change. What did change was my concerns about it. No longer did I worry about having an unexpected baby. If we had a child before we were ready, we could take care of the situation. We both worked and were mature enough to deal with a child. The Educator and I were prepared for a child in every way even though we were not planning on having a child. The abortion argument faded away, and I no longer cared. A baby was NOT going to ruin my life, now.

Fast forward to the second pregnancy where the abortion argument appeared once more. A simple test was done that came back positive. My second child stood a good chance of being mentally retarded. The Educator looked into my eyes and asked if I wanted to have an abortion. My response was very quick. It was a resounding, NO. The Educator was testing me. Had I said yes, there would have been a fight between us. For me, I could not sign the death warrant of an innocent, unprotected HUMAN. My viewpoint on abortion was slightly changed. I did not agree with abortion in my family but still had a no interference viewpoint towards others. This viewpoint was eroding.

I had the opportunity to visit Body Works. It may be called Body Worlds. Once again, I saw fetuses. This and the partial birth abortion technique had me thinking about a lot of things. I started to research everything I could about the fetus and embryos as well as abortion. In a very short time, I understood what I failed to see as a youth.

Abortion is about narcissism and selfishness. There is nothing more to what is behind abortion. Anyone supporting abortion is hiding selfishness or they are ignorant of the truth about abortion, thus believing in the women’s health lie. I was there! I know that I was selfish for a time and ignorant about abortion. It has never been about women’s health, rights or anything else about women. That is the big lie. It is about selfishness for a few minutes of lustful pleasure. Why else would you support abortion? There is only one way to naturally have children, and this requires sexual intercourse. Yes, pregnancy is a bi-product of this act.

Look around with open eyes. As I look back on those supporting abortion, they had something to “lose” if there was no abortion. I have married friends that support abortion. Why? One couple does not want children. They run a risk of an unwanted pregnancy. I know of couples that swing, and they support abortion. Yes, there are couples with families that support abortion. When they were single like me, they too had the same feelings and thoughts. They have not had to truly think about it since. It is easier to just go along. These people admit they don’t care. You don’t care if you have no interest in the subject. Do you care what is happening in some small village in Southeast Asia? Unless you have family or money tied up there, the answer is no.

The fact is the fetus and even the embryo is a human being. This person has human DNA and civil rights that the ACLU has no problems not defending. Like any newborn infant, a fetus requires nurturing. For a test, take a newborn infant and leave it to fend for itself in the wild. Just because the fetus isn’t six foot, speaking and a few other minor details does not mean the fetus is not human. Wasn’t Joseph Merrick human or Chris Burke,too? What about people born without appendages or cojoined twins? These people do not look human, but they are. They have human DNA.

We humans like to be rid of anything that will inconvenience us. It is easier to kill a human that has no civil rights or a defender. This is nothing more than murder at its worst. Should Andrea Yates or other such parents be convicted of murder if we allow abortion. These people only committed post-birth abortion. We have pre-birth abortion and partial birth abortion. Why not post-birth abortion? What is the difference?

I look at my children and thank God I never murdered them. Can supporters of abortion truly look in the mirror and believe their hands are free of the blood of innocents?


Can Someone Tell Me What ‘Women’s Health’ Is?

October 31, 2012 2 comments

Tonight I listened to a politician desperately trying to get elected or re-elected.  He was attempting to get the female vote by discussing ‘women’s health’ only that is related to abortion.  He was pro-abortion and was saying that allowing women the right to an abortion was women’s health.  He isn’t the only one to say this.  There are hundreds if not thousands of politicians that believe that.  There are plenty of women that have complained to me that one party doesn’t care about women’s health.  How can we not be for the health of a woman?

I have always thought women’s health dealt with the medical condition of women.  There has always been a gender gap when it comes to the health of men and women.  I am talking about the medical care.  When I read about a woman’s healthcare in the U.S., it is always worse than a man’s.  I have read that women have higher costs than men when it comes to healthcare, and they have less coverage than men.  I have read how women are treated differently than men for heart ailments, lung issues and other similar health issues between the two.  Women have more difficulty than men in accessing care thus resulting in poorer quality of life.

Reading about the inequality in the quality of care for women makes me a big proponent of women’s health.  I am related to and know many women.  These women are important to me, and their loss would be not only devastating to me but to others around them.  No where have I read that abortion is vital to the health of a woman.  I have read and seen where it is detrimental to a human.  I don’t understand why these politicians are voted into office time and again when they do not care about the true health of a woman.  They are interested in the vote first, and if it allows the death of a human then so be it.

Do I not understand what ‘women’s health’ means?  If so, please be kind enough to provide me the definition.